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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Job Type

Full Time


About the Role

Greeting Guests: Welcome guests as they arrive at the establishment, opening doors and providing a warm and friendly greeting.
Assisting Guests: Offer assistance to guests with luggage, packages, or any other items they may be carrying.
Maintaining Security: Monitor the entrance area to ensure that only authorized individuals enter the premises, checking identification or tickets as necessary.
Managing Crowds: Control the flow of guests entering and exiting the establishment, especially during busy periods, to maintain order and safety.
Providing Information: Offer information to guests about the establishment, such as location of facilities, events, or services available.
Directing Traffic: Direct guests to appropriate areas, such as parking areas or designated waiting areas for transportation services.
Handling Emergencies: Act as a point of contact in case of emergencies, such as fire alarms or medical emergencies, and assist in evacuating guests if necessary.
Maintaining Cleanliness: Ensure that the entrance area is clean and tidy at all times, including removing trash or debris and arranging furniture or decorations as needed.
Assisting with Special Events: Provide support during special events or occasions held at the establishment, such as directing guests to event locations or assisting with crowd management.
Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service by being attentive to guests' needs and addressing any concerns or inquiries they may have.

Security Training: Previous experience in security or crowd management is preferred, along with knowledge of basic security procedures.
Customer Service Skills: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential for interacting with guests in a friendly and professional manner.
Physical Fitness: Ability to stand and walk for extended periods, as well as lift and carry heavy objects when assisting guests with luggage or packages.
Problem-Solving Ability: Quick thinking and the ability to remain calm under pressure are important for handling unexpected situations or emergencies.
Professionalism: Maintain a neat and tidy appearance, including wearing a uniform or appropriate attire specified by the establishment.
Reliability: Dependability and punctuality are crucial for fulfilling scheduled shifts and providing consistent service to guests.
Attention to Detail: Ability to pay attention to details and follow instructions accurately, especially when verifying guest identification or tickets.
Legal Compliance: Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, such as alcohol serving regulations or fire safety codes, to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

If you have the required skills and qualifications, please email your CV with subject as per position you are applying for to

About the Company

Abu Dhabi Golf Resort is the epitome of luxury and leisure in the heart of Abu Dhabi. As the premier golf resort in the region, VOGO offers a harmonious blend of championship golf against the stunning Abu Dhabi skyline and opulent accommodations designed for unmatched comfort. Our centrally located hotel in Abu Dhabi provides easy access to key attractions, while our world-class spa, exquisite dining, and breathtaking views make VOGO the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil escape. Book your stay today and experience the perfect fusion of indulgence and relaxation at VOGO Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa.

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